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Leadership Structure

The New Beginnings Church Elder Group, under the authority of Jesus Christ and on behalf of the members of NBC, provides oversight and shepherding so that New Beginnings Church will be a community that will love and glorify God, live and love like Jesus, and be led by the Holy Spirit, at a cost that demonstrates Christ-like stewardship of the resources provided by God.

The Elders will provide oversight and shepherding that is biblical, lawful, and full of integrity. This governing process will choose to emphasize:

    • Outward vision rather than internal preoccupation
    • Unity with tolerance of diverse viewpoints
    • Strategic leadership more than administrative detail
    • Clear distinction of Elder and Senior Pastor roles
    • Collective rather than individual decisions
    • The future rather than past or present
    • Proactivity rather than reactivity

Within our leadership structure the Elders delegate day to day operational responsibility to one individual, currently the Senior Pastor. The Elders instruct the Senior Pastor through written policies that prescribe the organizational Ends to be achieved and proscribe organizational situations and actions to be avoided, allowing the Senior Pastor to use any reasonable interpretation of these policies. This leadership structure is refered to as the Policy Governance(R) model.

Feel free to download the entire New Beginnings Church Elders Policy Manual.

For more information on our leadership model, please view the Policy Governance video presentation.



Policy Governance(R) Presentation from New Beginnings Church on Vimeo.